:: Media Adviser ::


MediaAdviser is the only software that provides a comprehensive list of Asian media publishers from the top DMAs across the US. MediaAdviser is affordable, all-in-one software built specifically for media investment teams who values building superior media plans and producing beautiful advertising flowcharts.

MediaAdviser helps manage projects while keeping your team organized, boosting your productivity, and optimizing advertising performance.


Media Planning

  • Create new campaigns
  • Standardized media rates
  • Pricing transparency to clients
  • Unlocks functionality in flowchart and accurate analysis of media plan

Plan Analysis

  • Asian media planning made easy by breaking down your plans
  • Shows you how money is being spent over time
  • Shows how much commission is made over time

Media Program Research

  • Database of information with different options—all in one place
  • Standardized Asian media rates
  • Conduct research conveniently & quickly


  • Organize campaigns, placements, & allows you to view a subset of your media plan
  • Batch editing allows easy edits multiple placements simultaneously
  • Increase efficiency & reduces errors

Dayparting & Weekparting

  • Broadcast your ads at the right time and allows you to analyze spending

Proposal Creator

  • Automated proposal request process with proposal generator and management
  • Track status of proposal requests

Breakdown Line Item Cost

  • Media Authorization
  • Create Insertion Order Schedules
  • Centralize Media Plan & Planning Data